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24 HOUR SALE! Berry Green Superfood Powder Organic Greens & Fruits

24 HOUR SALE! Berry Green Superfood Powder with Organic Greens & Fruits Review

Berry Green Superfood Powder with Organic Greens & Fruits


This delicious green superfood powder contains a huge hit of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fiber, prebiotics and probiotics. What makes it special is the mix of berries. Raspberries, goji berries, cherries and monk fruit give this superfood a lift and an added zesty fruity flavor. It also contains açai, maca powder, rose hips and green tea.

The all organic food blend is made up of wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa and spirulina as well as chlorella, spinach and broccoli. The third section of the label shows the ingredients which contain and EFA blend of fiber. These are:

  • Organic flaxseed powder.
  • Apple pectin fiber.

On the website we are informed that “Pectin is a type of fiber that is found in all plant cell walls and tissues…Apples contain a particularly high amount of pectin.” Apple pectin is known to be a great source of soluble fiber. Apple pectin can assist with lowering the levels of blood sugar, cholesterols and triglycerides and even aid in weight loss. By researching this site we find that EFA’s, or essential fatty acids, are “good fats.” These may assist with conditions such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis. It’s great to find EFA’s and pectin in the one healing product. This berry green superfood is sweetened with stevia, peppermint and the flavor of berries.

24 HOUR SALE! Berry Green Superfood Powder with Organic Greens and Organic Fruits

What’s on the Label:

This delightfully berry filled green superfood contains no gluten. Neither does the product contain synthetic vitamins, soy products. Eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, or dairy foods. The amount of caffeine in the green tea adds up to a mere trace. The company Parker Naturals are registered as “an FDA certified facility.” The label on this berry green superfood does not have the USDA certified organic label on it. This is because the FDA certification means that all ingredients within the product are definitely organic. The label indicates that the Berry Green Superfood Powder is sold with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. The label shows the cautionary advice- “Consult with a healthcare professional prior to consuming this or any new supplement.”

Price and Value:

The 240g container holds thirty serves and the scoop holds 8g. I scoop equals one serving which includes 5g of fat. As a proof of the value and goodness of this product, I researched the website where I found this information “Our delicious blend is designed to please the whole family…With our Berry Green Superfood, it’s now easy to get 3-5 servings of dark green leafy vegetables in a single scoop in addition to EFA’s, antioxidants, pre- and probiotics and essential vitamins and minerals…Really it doesn’t get much easier to detoxify the body, promote heart health, colon health and so much more!” This is a fantastic advertisement for the value of Parker NaturalsTM Berry Green Superfood. I suggest that at the price of $15.95, or $14.97 on the 24 Hour Sale this berry green superfood is excellent value!

What are the Benefits of Taking Berry Green Superfood Powder?

On the website I found out that the Parker’s NaturalsTM Berry Green Superfood is considered to be “one of the best in the world.” This may because

  • The fruits and vegetables in the mixture are seen to be among the most healing in the world.
  • There are 15g of these superfoods in each serving (1 Scoop).
  • The product contains outstanding amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and a single serving may offer more than 100% of the RDI for certain of these substances.
  • The active culture, lactobacillus acidophilus and the digestive enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants that are blended into this formula as well as the chlorella, flax seed and chlorophyll added to assist with the body’s cleansing, make this green superfood an all-in-one medicine and healer.
  • This green superfood drink is suitable for vegans.


A number one review site shows this review “The taste is far, far better than most supplements I have come across…there is the slightest taste of barley green in the background…it is oddly pleasant.” Another comment about taste reveals that “This berry green drink has excellent ingredients and (it) tastes good…I will be reordering.” Yet another review about the taste of this green superfood says that“

I love this green superfood powder. It’s nor chalky or gritty and mixes well in some water with a spoon, no blender necessary…it has a mild green flavor combined with a pleasant berry taste.”


This five-star review appeared on “Love this product. You can really tell it cleans the system and most importantly my children enjoy it with a nice vanilla protein mix added in as well.”

Green Superfood Powder Raw Organic Superfood Review

Green Superfood Powder Raw Organic Superfood

Green Superfood Powder Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Powder & Raw Organic Perfect Whole Food Review


This Garden of Life Juiced Greens superfood is packed with refreshing ingredients. Fresh organic parsley and organic apple juice are some of the best foods on planet earth for a boost of fresh flavor. The popular herb parsley is considered to be both a vegetable and a spice. According to the website www.whfoods/genpage.php?tname=foodspice&dbid=100 parsley contains large amounts of fifteen vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin K. This vitamin is especially good for the bones. One-half of a cup of parsley adds up to 554% of the RDI for vitamin K and 54% of the RDI for vitamin C. Parsley is one of the most health-giving superfoods in the world. Nevertheless, the are plenty more nutritious substances in the Garden of Life Juiced Greens Superfood. These include:

  • The fruit and vegetable antioxidant blend contains apple, beets, kale and asparagus.
  • Organic fruits such as strawberry, cherry, blackberry and blueberry
  • The sprout mix is extensive. Buckwheat sprouts, chia sprouts, amaranth sprouts and sunflower sprouts are some of the sprouts in the mix.
  • The mixture of enzymes includes lipase, cellulase, bromelain and papain.

Warnings and Certifications.

The Garden of Life products are made with lots of care. Even though their products are not FDA certified, they are certified by B Lab. This means that all Garden of Life health foods are produced conscientiously to meet high standards of social and environmental responsibility. The label warns that pregnant women and others who need constant medical supervision should consult their GP before taking this green superfood. *We shall see why below. As you would expect this product contains no fillers, artificial flavor or preservatives, no sweeteners, no preservatives, no gluten and no soy. Stevia is used as a sweetener. It contains an organic apple flavor as well.

Price and Value:

This green superfood is usually sold for around $30.00 or slightly less. The 234g container contains thirty servings of 1 scoop each. One 8g scoop of the Garden of Life Juiced Greens contains 2g of protein, 2g of carbohydrates and 30 calories.

Looking at the issue of value the website has this to say: “This organic green superfood is the perfect complement to food to support your body’s daily balancing act and to promote the healthy elimination of toxins and to support your body’s own ability to maintain its ideal PH balance.” The same website adds these facts:

  • “We harvest before the grain reaches the bud stage to prevent gluten from forming.”
  • “We juice the grain immediately after harvest.”
  • “Our juice is gently dried at low temperature to lock in its nutrient dense qualities and its organic goodness.”
  • “The result is highly bioavailable and more concentrated in nutrients than whole leaf grass powders.”

This green superfood, another of Jordan Rubin’s Garden of Life creations is surely good value!


The review site mentioned above shows some great reviews about the taste of this green superfood. Just look at These statements. “I love this drink because it is delicious and has a…slightly sweet taste.” “Wow! This is fabulous in water all by itself and the taste is wonderful.” A worldwide sales and reviews site produces this positive comment, “It does have a bright, lemony taste mixed with a green grassy taste. Be assured that this green superfood tastes in the top 10 (of green superfood drinks.)”

Chlorophyll is a major ingredient in the Garden of Life green superfood powder. This supplement helps to detoxify the body by cleaning the blood. Clean blood is full of red blood cells that oxygenate the body and carry toxic products away.

On we find these words “Best thing to combat acid reflux.” Another interesting website called displays recipes for the detoxification of the body which include many of the same ingredients that are in the green superfood from the company Garden of Life. Apple, carrot, parsley, blackberries, blueberries, spinach – all of these fruits and vegetables are reported as colon cleansing, and able to detox the body of heavy metals. Have you noticed something? these are the same fruits and vegetables that make up the green superfood powder in the Garden of Life green superfood powder. It’s no wonder that I recommend these products so highly!

Some other great benefits that you will gain from drinking a Garden of Life green drink come from the phytonutrients in this product. Raw juices, rather than powdered juices, contain more phytonutrients. These are nutrients from plant foods. The organic “juiced fruit and vegetable ingredients in this green juice mix provide a high dosage of phytonutrients.

The Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Powder can help people to:

  • Lose weight.
  • Feel full of energy.
  • Replace a healthy breakfast.
  • Aid the digestive system.
  • Get a full dosage of essential nutrients in one glass.
  • Feel better than before and feel good.


One of the nicest reviews about this green superfood product is this one from “This product is great! I feel rejuvenated when using this, not tired and sluggish. Highly recommend it!” You know that I recommend this green superfood alkalizer and detoxifier myself. *As I mentioned in the section above, there is a caution for people under medical supervision. To go into detail, you may like to start slowly with this powerful green superfood because the potent ingredients may upset your stomach at first.


Organic Beet Juice Powder Best Value 100% Pure USA Grown Beets

Organic Beet Juice Powder Best Value 100% Pure USA Grown Beets Review

Now we are going to change brands. This fantastic superfood is not green but red. We are talking about the brand Pure Clean Performance which is made in Oregon in the USA. There’s only one ingredient in this superfood juice – Beetroots. Let’s talk about the benefits of the beetroot. From we get this information “The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant… The cultivated varieties of beta vulgaris are grown for their edible taproots and their leaves…Other than as a food, beets have a use as a medicinal plant.” Beetroot is said to:

  • Reduce blood pressure in the hypertensive condition.
  • The betaines in beetroots may improve the condition of the blood vessels and reduce the probable occurrence of a heart attack.
  • A raw beetroot is 88% water.
Organic Beet Juice Powder Best Value 300g of 100 Pure USA Grown Beets

We can find a lot of information about the superfood juice from the website Here’s a quote from that site, “The nutrients found in select beets have been found to increase (physical) power by increasing the production of nitric oxide, which-

  • Widens blood vessels
  • Increases blood flow.
  • Enhances the delivery of oxygen to the cells.
  • Decreases blood pressure.

To put it simply, eating beetroot makes your muscle work better. Another quote from the website states that if your muscles are working well-

  • Your heart won’t have to work as hard.
  • Your endurance will be improved.
  • You will not need as much time to recover.

It seems that there are even more benefits to eating beetroot or drinking the superfood supplement Organic Beet Juice Powder. Have a look at these results from The health benefits of beets include the treatment of anemia, indigestion, constipation, piles, kidney disorders, dandruff, gall bladder disorders, cancer and heart disease. The beetroot is a powerful vegetable.

Now we are to return to a review of Organic Beet Juice Powder and have a look at the label. Here we find that this superfood powder is 100% USDA Organic and that the powder has a clean, mild taste. There are no fillers, additives, GMO products or sweeteners in the product; it is cold-pressed and certified to contain “twice the amount of active nutrients” as other brands of organic beetroot juice. This organic product is also-

  • Formulated with the advice and knowledge of physicians.
  • Endorsed by successful athletes.


The creators of Organic Beet Juice Powder at www.purecleanperformance.comHave made this superfood juice with a “mild, clean” taste. The cold-pressing of specially selected beetroots makes the drink taste quite “beetroot-y” but the flavor is nice and easy to put up with. Here are some comments about the taste of Organic Beet Juice Powder.

  • “The taste is great. I use it before and after tough workouts.”
  • “I have put it in my shake and have tried it as a tea. It tastes a little like beets, but not a very strong flavor and not overly sweet.”
  • “It dissolves instantly and tastes fine.”

Price and Value:

I found this comment about the price and value of the organic beetroot superfood on “I have been an advocate for beet consumption for over twenty years…Clean Beet Powder is 100% organic beets…each scoop contains 250mg per serving of nitrates.” On Organic Beet Juice Powder is sold in two sizes. One is a box which contains 15 X single serve packets of 10g each. You will pay $22.95 for this package. The second is a jar containing 300g of the powder which costs $38.00.


A customer on asked the following question “What is the difference between beet juice powder and beetroot powder?” Rick Cohen MD answered the question like this- “Pure Clean Powder is a true beet juice powder. It uses select…organic beets that are juiced and then dehydrated using a cold-temperature process…each serving of beetroot juice can contain from 6-10 beets. A beetroot powder is a high-temperature pulverized powder…the nutrients and nitrates are not concentrated…Don’t get hung up on beets per serving…as that can vary…The key figure to consider is the nitrate content per serving.”

As we have read above “Each scoop of Pure Clean Organic Beetroot Juice Powder contains 250mg of nitrates.” That says everything about the quality of this high-powered superfood powder. Try it for yourself as soon as you can.

Vegetable Supplement Green Superfood Review

Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement- Perfect Food Green Superfood Dietary Powder

Vegetable Supplement Green Superfood Review


This Garden of Life Vegetable Supplement Green Superfood is packed with 45 nutrient-dense foods, 12 sprouted ingredients, HSO probiotics and digestive enzymes. It is rated as “One of the best superfoods I’ve reviewed for the price.” and “This product has an amazing list of superfoods that is almost unmatched.” These reviews are from

I think you’ll be really pleased to find out what some of the ingredients are. The label clearly marks some of these as organic, but not all of them. Just look at this amazing list of superfoods:

  • Barley, alfalfa, oat and wheat grass juices, all organic.
  • Spirulina, rice bran soluble, kelp, and chlorella.
  • The special poten-zyme mix contains all organic foods – alfalfa, amaranth and adzuki bean sprouts and many more.
  • The perfect vegetable mix contains green cabbage, kale, spinach, brussels sprout, ginger and garlic. There are more vegetables on this interesting list.
  • 300 mg of an acerola cherry fruit extract.
Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement- Perfect Food Green Superfood Dietary Powder

This fruit has been the focus of lots of research and it is now known that the acerola cherry fruits in the Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement have many positive benefits. For instance, on the website we can see this information:

  • Acerola cherries assist in the management of diabetes.
  • Acerola cherries help delay the onset of age-related diseases.
  • They also help to regulate hormones and the metabolism;
  • Help the heart to remain strong.
  • Help to slow the development of lung cancer.
  • Boost immunity and cognitive functions.

We can thank Garden of Life for adding a huge dose of acerola cherries to this perfect vegetable based green superfood.

What’s Not in the Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement.

This green superfood does contain stevia. The flavor of cherries this should make the whole food vegetable supplement taste rather sweet. There is no apple fiber and no rice flour in this vegetable powder. As usual with good quality green superfoods, there are no artificial flavors or preservatives. I suggest that those who get stomach aches from apple fiber will enjoy drinking this food supplement. The label states that the powerful probiotic blend “Contains 2 billion CFU at the time of manufacture.” There is an easy explanation for this statement. CFU means colony forming units. The probiotic blend in the Garden of Life Vegetable Supplement Green Superfood is made up of ten lactobacilli and bifidobacterium active probiotics. That’s a rich combination which will help with the digestion of this perfect veggie juice blend.

Price and Value.

This amazing green superfood is rated highly for price and value. The website informs us that at the price of $30.00, this green superfood costs just one dollar per day. The reviewer on this site goes on to say” The 10g per serving are absolutely nutrient dense and highly beneficial…I firmly believe that the Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement is one of the best value products of any superfood drinks.” I love this green superfood drink myself and, of course, I do recommend it.

Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement- Perfect Green Superfood


There are some very strong opinions about the taste of this green superfood drink. A customer on says: “If the taste wasn’t so unpleasant I would definitely give this product five stars.” Others on the same site report that the green superfood vegetable supplement tastes good if it’s mixed with pineapple juice, orange juice or even a protein mix that contains almond milk, bananas, blueberries and almond butter. Here is a recipe for mixing the vegetable based green superfood as a dressing for salad or fish:

“Mix olive oil, lemon and crushed garlic with a small scoop of Garden of Life green superfood drink.”

The site mentioned above website has this to say: “The taste will slap you right across the face…but in all honesty, for me this is a badge of honor.”

Reviews: I think it’s important to note that the kelp in this green superfood has been sourced from Spain, the chlorella from Hawaii and the spirulina from Utah. These comments have been drawn from reviews on Here are some other reviews.

  • “I love this product. The taste is a little intense in the beginning, but the nutrition is what I care about. Thanks, Garden of Life.”
  • “I started taking this on my Chiropractor’s advice about five years ago. Now I wouldn’t be without it.”
  • “A fantastic product! I will take it for the rest of my life.!”

Organic Spirulina Tablets: Highest Quality Source of Organic Spirulina Review

Organic Spirulina Tablets – Purest and Highest Quality Source of Organic Spirulina Review

Most people have heard of the incredible substance called spirulina. One of all the amazing benefits that spirulina offers is that it’s extremely high in many nutrients. The website has lots of information about spirulina. One teaspoon of spirulina contains-

  • 4g of protein.
  • 11% of the RDI of vitamin B1 (thiamine).
  • 15% of the RDI of vitamin B2 (riboflavin).
  • 4% of the RDI of vitamin B3 (niacin).
  • 21% of the RDI of copper.
  • 11% of the RDI of iron.
  • Good amounts of magnesium, potassium, manganese.
  • Small amounts of almost every other nutrient that is needed for human survival.

As if that is not enough, this single teaspoon contains only 20 calories and 1.7g of carbs. There are many, many other benefits that come from taking spirulina. No wonder the space agency NASA thought that spirulina could be grown in outer space and consumed by astronauts.

Organic Spirulina tablets – Purest and Highest Quality Source of Organic Spirulina

The Organic Spirulina Tablets made by Triquetra Health have many certifications to prove that they are truly of the “Purest and Highest Quality.” Here is the list of certifications of this green superfood-

  • USDA Certified Organic.
  • EcoCert Certified Organic.
  • Naturland Certified Organic
  • Halal Certified.
  • Kosher Certified.
  • USP Verified.
  • California Proposition 65 Approved.

This organic spirulina green superfood is consistently tested by the Institute for Market Ecology for the presence of toxic substances including GMO’s, heavy metals, yeast, mold and E. coli and others.

The company Triquetra Health has made a sincere effort to manufacture a green superfood tablet that has all positive effects and no negative effects.

You can see by the stringent quality testing that this green superfood undergoes that there will be no other products in the tablets or the powder than 100% pure spirulina. That is saying a lot because spirulina may be one of the most nutrient dense substances on the planet.

The Benefits of Taking Organic Spirulina Tablets. I really recommend that you purchase some of these tablets because-

  • Spirulina contains high levels of antioxidants which protect our DNA and the cells of our bodies against damage.
  • Spirulina may help to lower levels of triglycerides and other unhealthy fats. (Triglycerides are the major components of human body fat.)
  • Spirulina may be a good preventer of cancers, especially oral cancers.Spirulina may help in the reduction of blood pressure.
  • Spirulina can prevent the symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as sneezing, nasal inflammation and itching.
  • A study has shown that spirulina may be an effective treatment for anemia in elderly people.
  • Spirulina may assist the body in ridding itself of the heavy metal arsenic and there is a possibility that it can lower blood sugar. This could be good news for diabetics.

What Does Spirulina Taste Like? Here is an interesting opinion about the taste of spirulina in its powdered form from “You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the taste may vary, depending on the source of the spirulina. The spirulina that comes from the sea tastes bad and smells kind of fishy…while the others(which) only live in fresh water lakes and ponds…naturally aren’t as harsh in taste and odor.” The Organic Spirulina tablets made by Triquetra Health are pond-grown in Southern India, so there should not be too many problems with the taste. A customer on says, “I wish I had heard about this product sooner…the pills themselves have no taste.” I fact the Organic Spirulina Tablets have “a nice little coating on them that makes them slide down easily with no risk of them dissolving in your mouth.” This means that these green superfood tablets should be easy to take.

Price and Value:

The bottle of Organic Spirulina Tablets contains 120 tablets which is one month’s supply. The price is $19.96 while this medication is on sale on There are four promotions available on the sale of this product on the amazon website. Check out the value of buying 2, 3 or 4 bottles of the tablets for a reduction on the price.


There are some great reviews of this green superfood on As one customer has said, “I love taking spirulina. It’s a great supplement. It’s good for high blood pressure, pH balance, allergies and more. So many benefits to using this. I definitely recommend this to everyone!” Another customer said, “Call it the synchronicity of the universe, but I just went to an herbal workshop where I learned that this is pretty much the perfect food. I checked it with my doctor and it is absolutely true!”

A final review states that “I have been taking spirulina tablets and have noticed that I’m more energetic. I’m not as run down as I was before. My kids have noticed the difference. They said – Mum we love seeing you not so tired every day…!”

I would like to have written more about this fantastic green superfood and the pristine methods of its production, but there is just too much to write down. This is a fantastic superfood product and I would recommend it to everyone.


Organic Beet Juice Powder Review

Beet, Beet, Beet Organic Beet Juice Powder; 100% Pure USA Grown Beets Review

Organic Beet Juice Powder 100% Pure USA Grown Beets Review


One jar of this superfood powder contains exactly 300g of pure 100% organic, GMO-free beetroot powder. Beetroot has been described as a dark red vegetable with an acquired taste. Some of the benefits of beetroot, especially to athletes have been mentioned before. Here are some new ideas about this popular vegetable. The websi reports that beetroot is a root vegetable, which is the same family as swedes, turnips and sugar beet. Well-known chefs Heston Blumenthal and Jamie Oliver have featured recipes with beetroot as a major ingredient. I liked the beetroot and chocolate cake, a very rich tasting take on the inclusion of beetroot in home-style recipes. Following some more research beetroot juice or beetroot powder may end up being a standard remedy for high blood pressure. This website informs of an interesting piece of medical gossip. The US writers of the peer-reviewed journal of the Nitric Oxide Society believe that their research was the first to prove that the nitric oxide content of beetroot improves blood flow to the brain. This factor could see medications made from beetroot being prescribed to elderly people and sufferers of dementia.

There is little to say about what a tin of this powdered superfood does not contain. There are no damaging fillers or artificial I ingredients and no added sugars.

Organic Beet Juice Powder Review


Beetroots have a special taste which some consider to be an acquired taste, something that you have to get used to. The taste can be considered earthy or sweet and tender depending on your palate. From the website we learn that “A microbe-compound known as geosmin gives beets an earth-after-rain smell that can be very pleasant.”

Price and Value:

There is a good review of Beets, Beets, Beets Organic Beet Juice Powder, 300g; 100% Pure USA Grown Beets on the website This review reminds us that “A jar of this amazing superfood powder contains 50% more beet juice powder than similar brands.” At the rate of 1 scoop per day, this 300g container will last for 1 month. The scoop holds 10g of the organic powder. According to the website “We can rest assured that we are getting the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.” The price is $29.95 which means that each scoop costs a little less than $1.00. I recommend this organic beetroot superfood powder because the price is very reasonable at 10 cents per gram.

The Benefits of Drinking Beets, Beets, Beets Organic Beet Juice Powder. The nutrition value of this superfood drink is all in the nitric oxide, a gas produced when the enzymes in the body break down arginine. Beet powders and juices are valued for their nitric oxide content. The website shows seven major benefits of this substance-

  • Nitric oxide increases the diameter of the veins and arteries. In doing so it may decrease the likelihood of blood clot’s formation and lower blood pressure.
  • The nitric oxide which is produced by immune cells destroys the bacteria and viruses which cause colds and the flu. Nitric oxide improves the immune cells, the bone marrow cells and the cells in muscles.
  • Athletes and body builders love Nitric oxide supplements. These help with endurance and strenuous workouts.
  • This substance makes for faster intra-cellular communication. This, in turn, increases focus and response time.
  • Nitric Oxide increases sexual energy by stimulating the sexual response mechanisms within the body.
  • Long-term supplementation with nitric oxide can decrease the pain of joint inflammation.
  • Supplementation with nitric oxide can enhance memory and concentration and help to alleviate learning disabilities.

It’s good to know that all of these benefits are available to us via organic beetroot powder or drinks.

Reviews: Here are a few great reviews of Beets, Beets, Beets from “It helps with focus in and out of the gym and is a great alternative to coffee…I would say the effects can last up to five or six hours.”

“I started taking this and I cannot explain how good it makes me feel. I feel energized but not in a caffeine kind of way. I just feel good and I have also been sleeping so good since taking this.”

“Really happy with this product…my kids even like it…my son who does cross-country has a scoop every day.”

Finally, I would like to add something important about this superfood powder. It is a quote from the manufacturers of Beets, Beets, Beets. “This proprietary beet juice powder is made from only the highest quality beets, carefully prepared using a low-temperature drying process which protects their nutrient value and flavor.” I suggest that you purchase some of this nutritious powder today.

Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement Review

Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement- Perfect Food Green Superfood Review

Garden of Life whole Food Vegetable Supplement Review


The label on the back of the container of this green superfood is divided into five panels. These are-

  • Perfect Green Juice Blend.
  • Perfect Protein and Mineral Blend.
  • Poten-Zyme Fermented Whole Food Matrix.
  • Acerola Cherry Extract.
  • Perfect Veggie Juice Blend.Probiotic Blend.
Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement Review

All of the ingredients with an asterisk beside them are organic. All of the ingredients in the perfect juice blend are organic, as are most of the vegetable ingredients.

Calcified red algae, lithothamnion coralloides, is “a seaweed-derived mineral source, is rich in calcium, magnesium and 74 other trace minerals including zinc iron and selenium.” Only the calcified skeleton of this living marine algae is harvested. This skeleton is then washed, dried and milled and placed into capsules. The calcified algae have absorbed many minerals from its marine environment. These minerals are bioavailable and easily absorbed by the bones. This information comes from the website The kelp blend and the calcified red alga are part of the protein and mineral blend.

The manufacturers of this product, Garden of Life have stated that “One serving of this green superfood whole food vegetable supplement is equivalent to 140g of fresh grass juice.”

What’s Not in the Container. This green superfood vegetable supplement contains no binders, fillers or magnesium stearate. It has a shelf life of 12-24 months. It is dairy free and soy free although there may be some gluten in it. This product is suited to vegetarians, but not vegans, due to the dairy components in the probiotic blend.


Some people have said that this green superfood is an acquired taste. Others have said that with the right mindset it is easy to get used to the taste. Here is a good comment about the taste of this perfect food vegetable supplement, “Don’t let the taste deter from all the benefits it has to offer the body. We Americans want everything sweet to the palate and lack the discipline of returning to the original taste of food. Try it with apple juice for starters…”

A nice smoothie can be made by mixing 100ml of almond milk, 1.5 cups of frozen fruit, (whatever your favorites are, but blueberry, strawberry and pineapple taste good) and 1 scoop of the Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement.

A doctor who is an amazon customer has this to say “I take this stuff straight out of the container, a couple of scoops every day and actually enjoy the taste very much. I think sometimes it is just a matter of getting your taste buds adjusted…”

Price and Value:

There are 30 servings of this green superfood in the 300g container. If a scoop is used per serving then the container should last for 30 days, about 1 month. Some people like to take 1 serving per day and others take 2. It depends on the size of the serving as well. A scoop is equal to two tablespoons which is quite a lot. Some people prefer to just use one tablespoon as one serving. In this case, the container will last for longer than 1 month.

A customer who takes this green food powder twice a day says that “With this once or twice a day, I feel more full and stable energy-wise…It has already allowed me to make better food choices as I don’t crave junk (food) so much.” The Whole Food Vegetable Supplement Green Superfood is packed with so many nutrients, green whole grasses, sea vegetables, whole vegetables, grains, seeds, spirulina and probiotic blend that it is extra good value. This green superfood is especially appreciated by people who just can’t eat such a large amount of vegetables every day – in other words, almost everyone.

The Benefits of Taking Garden of Life Whole Food Vegetable Supplement. There are a number of reviews of this Garden of Life product on the website Here is one of the most positive-

“I love this drink because it covers it all. Nothing missing! It gives immediate health. Skin improves. I like the excellence of the product (Garden of Life is Top Notch). I like the taste, the efficiency of obtaining all my veggies in one glass…worth it.”

Reviews: Here is an amazing review from - “My Mom is 101 (years old) …She has been getting this Perfect Food now along with other great food and supplements I give her. She takes only one pharmaceutical – Synthroid, for her thyroid. She’s been taking this since she was young. Recently her doctor took her off her only other drug, Digoxin, for her heart. He said she does not need it anymore. So, I can definitely say that Perfect Food helps my Mom. And me too! Tastes great and easy to use. We have one scoop a day between us. I might up the dose in our smoothies to see what happens.”

GNC Maximum Greens Complete Powder Review

GNC Maximum Greens Complete Powder Review

GNC Maximum Greens Complete Powder Original Review


This tasty green superfood has a healthy, life-giving combination of superfood vegetables, fruits, an OxyPhyteTM antioxidant blend, a liver health blend and a digestive enzyme blend. Here are some of the listed ingredients-

  • The Greens Blend contains spirulina powder, kelp powder and chlorella powder and other grass juice powders.
  • The Vegetable Blend contains a mix of colorful vegetables including carrot juice powder, spinach juice powder, broccoli juice powder and beet juice powder as well as some sprouts.
  • The Fruit Blend contains juice powders of these fruits: apple, blueberry, sweet cherry and cranberry.
  • The Antioxidant Blend contains extracts of bilberry, apple, rosemary, pomegranate, white tea and green tea.
  • The Liver Health Blend contains extracts of artichoke and milk thistle.
  • The Digestive Enzyme Blend contains cellulase, protease and lipase.

Rather than stating what’s not in this complete green superfood powder, I can tell you that this product is GMO-free and is suitable for vegetarian but not vegans. GNC Maximum Greens Complete Powder contains soy, wheat, black bean powder,garbanzo bean powder and kidney bean powder and is sweetened with maltodextrin. The nutrients in this product breakdown into-

  • 30 calories per tablespoon.
  • 6g of carbohydrates per tablespoon
  • 1g of protein per tablespoon.

Milk thistle or silybum marianum is a powerful herb that-

  • Draws toxins out of the body.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Heals disorders of the gallbladder.
  • Helps to reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy.
  • Supports healthy liver function.

This information comes from It’s good to see this powerful antioxidant herb in the liver blend in this green superfood product.

Price and Value:

There are some issues with the size of the container which holds only 251g. Some people think the price is too high at $35.99. These comments-

  • “I only wish it came in a larger quantity so it lasted longer. Quantity too small.”
  • “Good product but pretty high price per ounce.”

These remarks are typical of the complaints about the size of the container and the value for money of this product. However, others have praised the nutrient quality of this green superfood and it does have free shipping when purchased from


The comments about the taste of this green superfood are often negative, but not always. One customer on says that “The old version was simply great with milk…I don’t know what made GNC think this new change was a good move.” Apparently, the company that manufactures this health product the General Nutrition Center has changed its flavor. The picture of this product on the page shows the words “original Flavor” on the label so maybe this issue of taste has been sorted out.


One of the best things about GNC Maximum Greens Complete Powder is the levels of antioxidants that it contains. An evaluation of this green superfood on tells us that- “The most dangerous of the toxins that the body absorbs from processed foods are metallic ions. Antioxidants in this product bind with the metals and convert them to molecular form.” Presumably, this makes it easier for the body to eliminate them.

Some other benefits of this green superfood are-

  • Increases in the volume of white blood cells that the body produces. This makes the immune system stronger and more able to fight off diseases.
  • The kidney bean powder strengthens the kidneys.
  • The liver blend helps the liver to work more efficiently.
  • A large amount of vegetables, although they are presented as powders, helps people to “eat” enough vegetables. The RDI of vegetable consumption is 5 cups per day.

In a promotion about their product the site we learn more about the benefits this green superfood drink offers. “This nutrient dense product includes more than 26 superfoods per serving and provides more antioxidant capacity that 6 servings of vegetables…”

Reviews: There are some good positive reviews for this green superfood on “Wonderful product.” was one customer’s comment.

Another customer said, “Love it and a great price.”

A third customer said “We place two tablespoons of this in a cocktail shaker and add 6oz of cranberry juice and 6oz of water. Then we shake it up to make a delicious green drink for two people.”

One of the best reviews was this one: “It took me a while to find a compatible juice…now I use two tablespoons per cup of orange juice with pulp and ice. Mixing it like this, the taste disappears into the tangy OJ.”


Nature’s Most Potent Green Superfood Powder Review

Nature’s Most Potent Super Greens | PaleoPro Vegan Paleo Greens Powder Review


There are only four substances that make up the ingredient list of this green superfood. These are-

  • Organic hemp seed protein.
  • Alfalfa.
  • Kale.
  • Spirulina powder.

This is a very short list, but all of the foodstuffs mentioned are green superfoods. The complete Nature’s Most Potent Super Greens Powder formula is very suitable for people on a paleo diet and vegans. Let’s look at some of the benefits of organic hemp seed protein. According to “Hemp is a variety of cannabis which has no discernible levels of THC…there are few plants…like hemp that have so many practical uses…Hemp seeds are the real highlight, as they can be used to make several health food products.” The same website informs about the process of making organic hemp seed protein. “An edible oil rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids is derived from these seeds through cold-press techniques. The pressed cake that is derived from this process is then milled and ground into to protein powder.” Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained from organic hemp seed protein powder-

Nature’s Most Potent Green Superfood Powder Review
  • Hemp seed contains all the 21 known amino acids, including the nine of them which the human body cannot manufacture itself.
  • Hemp is a hardy plant the cultivation of which does not require pesticides, herbicides or non-organic fertilizers.
  • Two tablespoons of hemp powder provide 15g or protein.
  • Hemp powder can be mixed into shakes, soups or breakfast foods and it can partially substitute flour in some recipes.

What a fantastic substance organic hemp seed powder is. It’s almost a complete food in itself as it contains protein fiber and EFA’s (Essential fatty Acids.)

Other Substances contained in Nature’s Most Potent Super Greens by PaleoPro.

This green superfood is sweetened with stevia. As the label on the packet indicates, only the hemp seed protein is organic. It may be disappointing for vegans to learn that this green superfood powder has been “Manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, egg, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish and wheat products.”


This “greens powder” as it is called tastes delicious. Lots of reviews and friendly comments prove that this green superfood powder is easy to drink. Here’s a review that shows how easy it is to mix Nature’s Most Potent Super Greens Powder into a tasty drink- “This powder tastes really good. When mixed with unsweetened almond milk it tastes like an Iced Matcha Green Tea from Starbucks – without all of the sugar and junk.” Here’s another positive review of the product- “Good taste and goes great with carb and protein powder.”

Price and Value:

The 9.4oz packet makes up thirty servings of this paleo vegan green superfood drink.

Here is a recipe for a Green Goddess Shake from We have substituted the first ingredient for Nature’s Most Potent Super Greens PaleoPro Vegan Paleo Greens Powder.


  • 1 scoop Nature’s Most Potent Super Greens PaleoPro Vegan Paleo Greens Powder.
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk.
  • 1 cup organic spinach.
  • ½ avocado.
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 tablespoon ground flax seed.
  • 1 tablespoon ground chia seed.
  • Ice.
  • Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth and creamy.
  • Mmm, delicious!

Benefits of Drinking PaleoPro Vegan Paleo Green Superfood Powder: As you can see this green superfood powder can be used in some delicious shake recipes. This green superfood is also-

Naturally high in calcium.

  • It’s a 100% plant-based protein, which is good news for vegetarians as well as vegans.
  • It contains no soy or whey.
  • The nutritional breakdown is as follows- each serving contains 32 calories; 4g or carbohydrate and 3g of protein.
  • This paleo green superfood powder keeps the body to remain in an alkaline state.
  • The protein, amino acids, omega-3 and fiber in the organic hemp seeds help to regulate the body’s insulin levels and improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Reviews: on we can read these great reviews-

  • “(It’s) clean and blends well…is not granular…good mix, I’ve bought this twice and I think you’ll like it. I have suggested this to some (members of my) family and they have purchased it.”
  • “…Being Paleo, I liked this a lot…I do wish the scoop handle was longer…”
  • “Great service…Great product.”

I highly recommend this product to people who are on a paleo diet. The hemp seed is one of the best plant-based proteins and it fits so well with the paleo philosophy.

Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Organic Perfect Powder Review

Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Powder - Raw Organic Perfect Food Dietary Supplement

Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Powder


The list of ingredients on this container is once again divided into panels. The first panel lists the vitamins which are derived from all the fantastic ingredients. There are good levels of all the vitamins that we need each day, such as-

  • Vitamins A, B and C
  • Calcium and iron.
  • Magnesium and manganese.
  • Potassium and Sodium.

The levels of Vitamin K are especially high. The amount of 88mcg is more than 100% of the RDI for this vitamin. Many people are deficient in vitamin K, which is needed for the prevention of-

  • Heart disease.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Diabetes.
Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Organic Perfect Powder Review

At we learn that fermented foods and whole foods are good sources of vitamin K. It is probably the ingredients in the Raw Probiotic and Enzyme Blend of this green superfood that promote the high levels of vitamin K.

Let’s look at the organic fruit and veggie antioxidant blend in this superfood powder. We can see that twenty-three organic vegetables and fruits have been juiced, powdered and added to the mixture. The sprout blend is all organic. It contains amaranth sprouts, chia seed sprouts and quinoa sprouts. has some great things to say about chia seeds.

  • Chia seeds help us to feel energized for longer periods of time.
  • 1 ounce of chia contains 123 calories, which is good news for dieters.
  • Chia seeds are high in antioxidants and they contain plant-based protein.
  • They are high in fiber and omega-3 EFA’sThey do not contain gluten.

What’s not in the Container: This healthy green superfood contains no artificial colors or flavors, no fillers and no preservatives. The product is sweetened with an organic pineapple flavoring. There are no soy or oat products in this food. As with all Garden of Life products the container is recyclable. This product is GMO-free.


There are many different opinions expressed about the flavor of this green superfood. This product is the Original flavor, it’s not chocolate flavored or sweetened with stevia. Here is a good comment from a customer on

“Love this powder, no sweetener added…it does taste like wheatgrass…So if you like green juice, you will like this.”

An article on offers some good advice about green juice drinks-

Always drink your green juice on an empty stomach because this allows the vitamins and minerals to go straight into your bloodstream.

Always drink a green drink straight after you’ve made it, otherwise, the enzymes and nutritional components start to degrade.

Another customer has this to say: “I don’t mind the taste and it makes me feel so healthy and energized.”

Many people who drink this green superfood drink every day say that it is good to make a smoothie. A fan of Garden of Life green superfood drinks says “No matter what berries I use, I’ve always got the three base ingredients-banana…pineapple…and cranberry juice (which) masks the greens flavor. Trust me, this works.”

Value and Price:

The container holds 419g. The scoop is a little smaller than some others, it holds 7g. You can get 60 servings out of this large size container, which is great value. The price is $51.00 USD. Some people have said that this product is “pricey” but at the rate of 60 servings per container that’s just 85 cents per scoop.


Some people cannot recommend a drink mixed with a scoop of this green superfood powder too highly. Here is a very positive opinion from “As I conclude let me say that Garden of Life Vegan Green Superfood Powder is among the best to consider for a perfect lifestyle…this supplement is power-packed with essential nutrients which benefit the human body in so many ways.” In other words, this green superfood power-food has many, many benefits for everyone- and it’s one of the best green superfoods on the market.


It’s great to see that parents are giving this drink to their kids. It’s even better to realize that children like a green drink with this superfood powder mixed into it. Here is what a mother who is a customer of has to say- “Great for smoothies… to have the ability to make a smoothie if we are low on kale or spinach. The kids like it too, which is a plus. Will buy again.” Here’s another review from an enthusiastic Amazon customer- “This is great. I felt better after a week of consuming a glass a day. I felt more energized and my headaches went away. My toddler drinks it as well. So much better than juicing and the best part- you don’t have to clean the juicer…just scoop, mix and down the drink.”