Organic Beet Juice Powder Best Value 100% Pure USA Grown Beets

Organic Beet Juice Powder Best Value 100% Pure USA Grown Beets Review

Now we are going to change brands. This fantastic superfood is not green but red. We are talking about the brand Pure Clean Performance which is made in Oregon in the USA. There’s only one ingredient in this superfood juice – Beetroots. Let’s talk about the benefits of the beetroot. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beetroot we get this information “The beetroot is the taproot portion of the beet plant… The cultivated varieties of beta vulgaris are grown for their edible taproots and their leaves…Other than as a food, beets have a use as a medicinal plant.” Beetroot is said to:

  • Reduce blood pressure in the hypertensive condition.
  • The betaines in beetroots may improve the condition of the blood vessels and reduce the probable occurrence of a heart attack.
  • A raw beetroot is 88% water.
Organic Beet Juice Powder Best Value 300g of 100 Pure USA Grown Beets

We can find a lot of information about the superfood juice from the website www.purecleanperformance.com/optimize Here’s a quote from that site, “The nutrients found in select beets have been found to increase (physical) power by increasing the production of nitric oxide, which-

  • Widens blood vessels
  • Increases blood flow.
  • Enhances the delivery of oxygen to the cells.
  • Decreases blood pressure.

To put it simply, eating beetroot makes your muscle work better. Another quote from the website www.purecleanperformance.com states that if your muscles are working well-

  • Your heart won’t have to work as hard.
  • Your endurance will be improved.
  • You will not need as much time to recover.

It seems that there are even more benefits to eating beetroot or drinking the superfood supplement Organic Beet Juice Powder. Have a look at these results from www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/vegetables/beets The health benefits of beets include the treatment of anemia, indigestion, constipation, piles, kidney disorders, dandruff, gall bladder disorders, cancer and heart disease. The beetroot is a powerful vegetable.

Now we are to return to a review of Organic Beet Juice Powder and have a look at the label. Here we find that this superfood powder is 100% USDA Organic and that the powder has a clean, mild taste. There are no fillers, additives, GMO products or sweeteners in the product; it is cold-pressed and certified to contain “twice the amount of active nutrients” as other brands of organic beetroot juice. This organic product is also-

  • Formulated with the advice and knowledge of physicians.
  • Endorsed by successful athletes.


The creators of Organic Beet Juice Powder at www.purecleanperformance.comHave made this superfood juice with a “mild, clean” taste. The cold-pressing of specially selected beetroots makes the drink taste quite “beetroot-y” but the flavor is nice and easy to put up with. Here are some comments about the taste of Organic Beet Juice Powder.

  • “The taste is great. I use it before and after tough workouts.”
  • “I have put it in my shake and have tried it as a tea. It tastes a little like beets, but not a very strong flavor and not overly sweet.”
  • “It dissolves instantly and tastes fine.”

Price and Value:

I found this comment about the price and value of the organic beetroot superfood on www.thehappyathlete.net/product-reviews/nutrition-supplement/pure-clean-powder-review/ “I have been an advocate for beet consumption for over twenty years…Clean Beet Powder is 100% organic beets…each scoop contains 250mg per serving of nitrates.” On www.amazon.com Organic Beet Juice Powder is sold in two sizes. One is a box which contains 15 X single serve packets of 10g each. You will pay $22.95 for this package. The second is a jar containing 300g of the powder which costs $38.00.


A customer on www.amazon.com asked the following question “What is the difference between beet juice powder and beetroot powder?” Rick Cohen MD answered the question like this- “Pure Clean Powder is a true beet juice powder. It uses select…organic beets that are juiced and then dehydrated using a cold-temperature process…each serving of beetroot juice can contain from 6-10 beets. A beetroot powder is a high-temperature pulverized powder…the nutrients and nitrates are not concentrated…Don’t get hung up on beets per serving…as that can vary…The key figure to consider is the nitrate content per serving.”

As we have read above “Each scoop of Pure Clean Organic Beetroot Juice Powder contains 250mg of nitrates.” That says everything about the quality of this high-powered superfood powder. Try it for yourself as soon as you can.

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