Best Green Superfood Ultimate Reviews & Buyer Guideline

Were you aware that the USDA reports that the average American consumes just half of the recommended amount of vegetables? Also, it is alarming to realize that only 10% of that is dark green. Dr. David Katz is the director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center. He states it is better to drink vegetables than not to have them at all. An alternative to preparing and eating greens is to drink them in juices.

Research Indicates the Benefits of Greens

The major benefit of consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables is the alkalinizing effect on your diet. Research suggests that alkalinizing is important for balancing acidic foods. WebMD reports a theory that some foods, such as dairy products, meat, wheat, refined sugar, and processed foods, cause your body to produce acid. This is unhealthy. High acidity that your body produces is linked to causing arthritis and even cancer. There is evidence that a diet low in acid-producing foods and high in alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables help prevent a variety of conditions. Dark greens are alkaline superfoods.


Benefits of consuming alkaline Superfoods:

  • Prevents kidney stones.
  • Strengthens bones and muscles.
  • Improves heart health.
  • Increases brain function.
  • Reduces lower back pain.
  • Lowers the risk for Type 2 diabetes.

Dr. Melinda Ratini gives a break down of the body's acid/base chemistry:

  • A pH level measures how acidic or alkaline something is.
  • A pH of 0 is totally acidic.
  • A pH of 14 is completely alkaline.
  • A pH of 7 is neutral.

These levels vary throughout your body. Your blood is slightly alkaline. It has a pH between 7.35 and 7.45. The stomach is very acidic. Its pH is 3.5 or below. This enables it to break down food. Your urine changes due to the foods you eat. Your body needs to keep the pH level in your blood steady. Acid-producing foods change your pH balance. There is a theory that suggests you can cause longer lasting acidity by shifting your blood pH constantly. A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggests that greens such as, Organifi Green Juices and Supplements, are an efficient way to balance the acid/base status in your body.

Best Green Superfood Products

Dale Canole is the founder of the Organifi Company. He writes a very popular health blog, Much of his blog and YouTube series focus on juicing and exercising. Canole emphasizes the use of 100% organic Organifi Green Juice products to help people become healthier. They are superfood green drink powders. Green juices and supplements contain a wider variety of ingredients that are not limited to what is easy to juice or press.

An independent test by Top Greens Drinks consistently ranks Organifi products in the top tier out of 45 brands. On a scale of 1-10, the Organifi products' scores are all 9s.

  • Ingredients-9.3
  • Taste-9.1
  • Value-9.0

This data indicates that Organifi products are high quality.

Organifi's main ingredient chart lists these organic formulas.

  • Alkaline Greens Blend (wheat grass juice powder, moringa, spirulina, chlorella, and matcha green tea).
  • Superfood Blend (Ashwagandha, red beet, turmeric, and coconut water powder).
  • Other Organic Ingredients (solvable rice bran, lemon powder, natural favors, and monk fruit).

Organifi provides all the superfoods that you need in just one drink. You are able to make a healthy drink in about 30 seconds. All you do is mix the greens powder with water. It dissolves quickly. People, who have used other powder mixes, report that Organifi makes a smooth drink. It does not taste like dirt or roots.

Recommended Best Organifi Green Juice Powder Reviews


1. Green Juice Super Food Supplements

Think of this as your vegetable garden. You are able to reap the benefits without having to pull the weeds. Green juice is a scoopable powder. It is made from carefully dried superfoods. It mixes easily with water. It provides you with essential vitamins and minerals. It is probably one of the best tasting mixes. The mint and monk fruit in the ingredients provide a somewhat sweet taste. The highest quality ingredients are used. The ingredients are certified 100% organic. This is just like the vegetables in a garden.


  • 30 day supply.
  • Sold by weight not volume.
  • Available in three sizes.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • Supplements your Diet:

A glass of green juice provides you with important nutrients. Sometimes it is impossible to eat the foods that provide your body with a balanced diet. A glass of green juice completes your dietary needs with high quality ingredients. You do not need to worry about missing some vitamins or minerals.

  • Helps keep you healthy.

Your immune system receives a boost from high levels of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Green juices are beneficial for boosting your immunity. Ingesting nutritional drinks on a consistent basis gives you an opportunity to experience less health problems.

  • Rejuvinates your Skin:

There are many different claims on how to make your skin radiant. Expensive creams and surgeries do not replace the effects of a healthy diet. There is an overwhelming amount of serums and creams. More are constantly appearing. A diet for healthy skin basically remains the same. That is because the components remain basically the same. A healthy diet is one of the best things that you can do to improve your skin from the inside. The red beets in the Green Juice formula provides zinc and copper. These minerals are good for your skin. A healthy glow from all the anti-oxidants is sure to show.

  • Provides electrolytes that your body needs:

Dr Ananya Mandal, MD has an article on medicinenet. It provides an informative report on electrolytes. Electrlolytes are essential for various bodily functions. An imbalance of elecrolytes is dangerous. They must be carefully maintained to ensure a healthy blood pH. Electrolytes are essential for the proper function of muscles and nerves. Muscle contractions depend on the presence of potassium, calcium and sodium. Insufficient levels of electrolytes may cause muscle spasms and weaknesses. Coconut water is the source of electrolytes in the Organifi Green Juice.

  • Saves Time:

In less than a minute, you are able to prepare the green juice. It eliminates garden work. Also, you are not spending hours preparing fruits and vegetables. You do not need to change anything about your routine. All you need to do is scoop the powder, mix, and continue with your daily schedule. It is a great product to take with you when you travel.

  • Easy Directions to Follow:

Adults take 1-2 servings every day. Some people just mix a scoop in water. Others prefer to add it to a low calorie rice, almond milk, or a smoothie.

  • Disadvantages:
  • This supplement is not for children or pregnant women.
  • Check with your doctor or pharmacist to be sure that the drink and your medications are compatible.

2. Super Green Juice-USDA Organic Superfood Powder Supplement

This is a premium blend of nutrients. This powder uses 44 nutrients. The ingredients in Super Green Juice are processed using a low heat process. It contains 4 times the amount of vitamins and minerals than the basic green juice. It is USDA certified to contain all organic ingredients. Also, it is vegan and non-GMO. You are able to drink an amazing amount of natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All of these ingredients enable the Super Green Juice to energize, detox, alkalinize, and strengthen your immunity.



  • Sealed in a container.
  • Measuring scoop is included.
  • Easy to read labels.


  • Easy to Drink:

Super Green Juice is sweetened with raspberries and apples. Some people are unable to benefit from green juices. They do not stick with the program due to the taste. Organifi products contain natural sweeteners to improve the taste. Reviews indicate that the taste is not bad. People who do not like vegetables are able to enjoy this drink.

  • Provides Energy:

You can drink this juice at any time during the day. It is a good way to start your day. You receive a blast of nutrients to get you moving. It is a filling drink. You keep a full feeling for a long time. Mid-afternoon is a time when a lot of people begin to experience tiredness. This is an excellent time to enjoy Super Green Juice. It works well as "a pick me up". You are able to be more productive.

  • Cleanses the Body:

A tired and sluggish feeling can be an indicator that your body has built up excess toxins. Every day you encounter toxins. You breathe, eat, or come in contact with toxins. Pollution, preservatives, heavy metals, pesticides and cancer-causing chemicals collect in the tissues and cells of your bodies. Detox drinks help cleanse toxins before they become a major health problem. Detox juices help to naturally cleanse the liver, increase energy, reduce inflammation, help with digestion, and promote healthy skin. The chrophyll from red algae and organic herbs in Super Green Juice act as detoxifiers.

  • Helps with Heart Health:

The juice is full of fiber. This helps protect heart health. The fat content is very low. 2% fat is in the Super Juice. WebMD states that fiber promotes heart health. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Dr. Cheryl Clark, a professor at Harvard Medical School, states that the American diet does not have enough fiber. Her study confirms that there is a connection between fiber and heart health. People who eat diets high in fiber are less likely to have heart problems.

  • Immunity Booster:

Vitamin C and enzymes from 12 medicinal mushrooms help to make your immune system stronger. It is best to use a product that contains a blend of several different mushrooms. Mushrooms are traditionally used in Asian medicine. Mushrooms are anti-viral, anti-bacteria, and anti-yeast.

  • Helps with Digestion:

Proper digestion is very important for you. Digestion breaks food down into smaller pieces. This enables the body to build new cells. The digestive process is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Anything that you do to help the digestive system increases your overall health. Green juice is generally easy on the digestive system. This means that your body easily absorbs the nutrients without digestive stress. This produces a greater absorption of nutrients and more energy for you.

  • Helps with Weight Loss:

Mix with water and there is only 35 calories in the juice. Of course, adding ingredients for a smoothie increases the amount of calories. The juice can be used as a meal replacement for a weight loss diet. Drinking Super Green Juice keeps you feeling full for longer. This helps to keep cravings away.

  • Disadvantages:
  • Some reviews indicate that this formula is too strong for sensitive stomachs.
  • A few amount of people can not drink anything green. The actual color makes them sick.


1. Vibrant Health - Green Vibrance

Vibrant means full of energy. Green Vibrance is a nutritional formula with a well-defined purpose. The goal is to cause a positive shift in all bodily functions until they reach an ideal point. The ingredients are 70 different nutrients. Its components help to achieve the goal of the formula. Green Vibrance provides trace nutrients to help cells function with peak efficiency. Supplementation results may be an increase in energy and endurance. Also, you may notice greater clarity of thought. It helps to strengthen immunity. Green Vibrance has received the most awards of any superfood product.



  • Full disclosure label. All ingredients and percentages are on the label. The label shows the categories of the nutrients.
  • Able to purchase 4 different sizes.
  • Choice of packaging. Traditional or frustration free.


  • Provides trace Nutrients:

The addition of rare nutrients provides more complete nutrition. The Green Vibrance formula grows from the fact that the modern diet does not supply enough micronutrients to support good health. Paleolithic biochemistry powers the body. The need for the high density nutrients has not changed for many thousands of years. Trace nutrients help to remove toxins from the body.

  • Promotes Good bone Health:

Green Vibrance promote good skeletal health. This is due to its alkalinizing effect. The formula supports bone building. It stops bone destroying activity. The 1,000 i.u. of vitamin D in Green Vibrance offers more support for bone health. Vitamin D in Green Vibrance is a vegan D3 from lichen oil.

  • Full of Probiotics:

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health. Your digestive system benefits greatly from probiotic. Usually bacteria causes diseases. Our body is full of good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are classified as "good" or "helpful" bacteria. They help keep the digestive system healthy. A healthy digestive system benefits all body systems. Probiotics are naturally in your body. Foods and supplements are sources of probiotics. Green Vibrance by Organifi contains 25 billion probiotics to strengthen your nutrition, circulation, immunity, and aid in digestion.

  • Source of Enzymes:

Berkeley Wellness reports that enzymes in the digestive tract break down carbs, fats, and proteins. They are able to detoxify alcohol. Different enzymes do different jobs. The Cleveland Clinic reports some additional effects of enzymes. Digestive enzyme have anti-inflammatory properties. They appear to reduce pain. There has been an improvement in knee function. They may be useful for treating sinusitis due to their ability to reduce inflammation and swelling. Enzymes are believed to be quite safe. They are essentially nontoxic, and cause almost no side effects.

  • Rich in Nutrients:

Green Vibrance hosts a multitude of nutrients. Each cell receives support for efficient metabolism. The nutrient rich formula helps to maintain health. A correct formulation of food supplements provides an amazing amount of nutrients. BUT.....Our diets today are missing vital nutrients. Statistics by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the World Health Organization show a sharp drop in healthy nutrition. Some scientists believe that the only way to solve this problem is to use supplements.

  • Everyone is able to use it

It is safe for children and pregnant women. Athletes benefit from the nutritional power in Green Vibrance. It is easy to use.

  • Disadvantages:
  • None

2. Organic Vegetarian Greens Superfood Probiotics| SUPER GREENS

Super Greens is a blend of powerful organic raw vegetables. It is rich in fruits. Probiotics and enzymes are in the formula. Its made with the purpose to provide natural energy, support overall health, and to maintain a strong immune system. It is non-GMO and soy free. There are no sugar, artificial ingredients or preservatives. The 100% pure natural ingredients come from the land and sea.

Super Greens contains our phytonutrient dense Organic Fruit + Vegetable Blend as well as Probiotics & Enzymes. These ingredients help supplement vital nutrients. It supports energy levels, digestive health, and detoxification functions.


  • 100% Lifetime guarantee.
  • Partners with Vitamin Angels to provide nutrition for needy children and pregnant women. The company makes a donation for each purchase.
  • Easy to read label.


  • Natural energy without the crash:

Super Greens is packed with phytonutrients to give you natural energy. without the crash you get from Products with caffeine, sugar, or energy drinks give a quick energy rush. A short time later the tired, sluggish feeling returns. Super Greens provide natural energy from superfoods that provide longer lasting energy.

  • Nourishes your Body:

Super Greens provides optimal health results. It helps to improve bodily functions and chemical reactions in your body. It is a maximum form of nutrition. Super Greens contains a large amount of micronutrients. They are absorbed by your body faster than a multivitamin.

  • Strengthens your immune system:

This product is packed with antioxidants that give your immune system a boost. It uses a generous amount of fiber and phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are chemicals produced by plants. Plants use phytonutrients to stay healthy. They provide important benefits for humans. Among the benefits of phytonutrients are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. Phytonutrients repair DNA damage from exposure to toxins and detoxify cancer causing agents. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that consuming a phytonutrient-rich diet may be an “effective strategy” for reducing risks of cancer. The combination of fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients produce an effective dose of nutrients to boost your immune system.

  • Reduces mental fatigue:

A body that is undernourished begins to experience mental fatigue. Super Greens has vitamins and minerals that help to boost your brain power. The supplement helps to keep you clear and focused.

  • Feel more alive:

You always feel more energized when your body the receives the nutrients it needs. Super Greens helps to keep you feeling healthy, and alive during a busy day.

  • Disadvantages:
  • None

3. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Alkalize and Detox

This superfood product contains over 12 cleansing ingredients. It restores the pH balance in your body. Its main purpose is to rid your body of harmful toxins on a daily basis. The combination of organic grasses, spinach, and broccoli provides energy. The combination of herbs, spices, fruits and other vegetables promote good health. The vegetables are processed raw. They have never been cooked. The ingredients in Amazing Grass are dehydrated at 107 degrees or below. This allows for the retention of the maximum amount of nutrients.



  • Available in 12 sizes.
  • Large amount of favors (11).
  • Individual packets.
  • Access to Grassheads. This is an online site at that offers savings and information.


  • Meets your daily requirements of fruits and vegetables:

One glass of the Amazing Grass mixture provides you with the suggested nutritional amounts that you need.

Just one serving gives you the same amount of antioxidants as 7 servings of fruits and vegetables. This helps you to receive your daily quota.

  • Detoxes:

The detoxing agents refresh your whole body. The probiotics promote healthier digestion and regular elimination. The prebiotics promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. Alkaline green plants help balance acidic pH levels.

  • Multiple ways to ingest Amazing Grass:

There are different ways of using Amazing Grass. Of course, you can mix it with any liquid or use it in a smoothie. You can add a scoop to anything you bake. Some chefs sprinkle it over the top of their dishes. This is a way to add extra nutrition to your food.

  • Natural balanced nutrition:

The formula in Grass Green Superfood is a source for the correct amount of potent nutrients. It provides essential nutrients.

  • Vitamin B is a complex combination of all of the B-Vitamins (1-12). Each one serves different functions of the body. Some help to strengthen muscles, joints, and ligaments. Others contain anti swelling agents. The B-Vitamins assist in nutrient absorption. A deficiency can contribute to major health problems.
  • Beta Carotene changes to Vitamin A in the body. A study from The University of Maryland indicates that-

Vitamin A is good for vision and eye health. Also, it helps to strengthen your immune system. Vitamin A is needed healthy skin and mucous membranes. Your body only converts as much Vitamin A from beta-carotene as it needs. Beta-carotene helps protects your cells from damage.

  • Bioflavonoids are plant based chemicals that provide a large amount of anti-oxidants. They help your body to react properly to viruses and allergens. They help to keep your skin and eyes healthy.
  • Lycopene is an antioxidant. LIVESTRONG.COM suggests that Lycopene has properties that might make it useful in the prevention of cancers, heart disease, and diabetes.
  • Omega 3, 6 & 9 Essential Fatty Acids are essential for a healthy body. Fatty acids help to manage many chronic conditions. They lower inflammation. Omega 9 lowers cholesterol. It can delay the beginning of heart conditions.
  • Disadvantages:
  • Contains caffeine.
  • May interact with medications.


1. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Original

Fresh from the family farm in Kansas! Takes the place of an extraction blender! No more washing greens! This eye-catching information is on the label. Green Superfood is filled with a host of nourishing nutrients. The raw processing of the fruits and vegetables helps the foods to maintain nutrients. Raw means that during the first step of processing the juices of the plants are extracted. This helps to provide a strong nutritional product. Only non-GMO vegetables and fruits natural juices in the plants are used to make the powders. This vegan product is certified organic. It is the best seller in the Amazing Grass Green products.


  • 100 servings in the container. This is enough for a one month supply of 3 servings everyday
  • 11 flavors
  • 12 sizes


  • Helps your Digestive Functions:

It adds enyzymes and probiotics. Digestive enzymes break down proteins and fats. Some enzymes are produced by your body. Others are extracted from foods and used as supplements. Specific enzymes are produced by probiotics.

  • Probiotics are not produced by the body. There are strains of bacteria that the World Health Organization has defined as 'live microorganisms. Providing probiotics has health benefits for your body. Some scientists infer that probiotic bacteria could be helpful with enzyme deficiency conditions. They think that this would help people who experience lactose intolerance. Probiotics are safe for long term use.
  • Amazing Grass Green is gluton free.
  • Keeps your Body Balanced:

A drink of this superfood formula helps to alkanize the acids that build up in your blood and tissues. The pH of your body changes during the day. An acid pH level is not healthy. Green Superfoods is able to restore healthy levels. The wheat grass in the formula helps to balance pH levels.

  • Supports Immunity:
  • Cleansing is vital. You need to regularly cleanse your body for a healthy immune system. Its job to prevent disease. There are many body systems that benefit from a detox. Your body was designed to cleanse automatically. Unfortunately, it can not keep up with the tremendous amounts of toxins that go into your body from eating and drinking.
  • The healthy recipe, of the Grass Green Original powder, helps to strengthen your immune system. The blend of natural ingredients helps to keep colds and other common ailments.
  • The wheat grass in the formula has several benefits that support the immune system. It helps the immune system to detox naturally. It removes the harmful toxins. Also, it takes the stress of consuming too many processed foods off your body.
  • Become Healthier:

You have always heard that fruits and vegetables are a must have for good health. One scoop provides a source of many vitamins and minerals. Superfood juices are usually low in fats and calories. They take away the cravings for junk food. Also, a green juice keeps you from overeating.

  • Disadvantages:
  • List of ingredients and their uses is hard to understand.
  • Anti-oxidants percentage is low.
  • Recommend as much as 3 servings a day.

2. Amazing Grass Green Superfood ORAC

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood ORAC delivers a full range of whole food nutrition. This formula is designed to focus on anti-oxidant properties. Now, what is ORAC? It is the latest scientific standard for measuring the anti-oxidant levels of food. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. A higher level means that the product is better health wise. It is believed that high anti-oxidant foods help to lower the risks of cancer, degeneration, and disease


Acai berries and Maca produce the high levels of anti-oxidants. Acai berries are one of the healthiest berries you can find. Acai is from the rain forests of the Amazon. It has an ORAC level of 120,000 units. This is at the superfood level.The anti-oxidant rich berry is known for wound healing, immune system strengthening, and energy boosting. Maca promotes improvement in the physical, hormonal, and emotional states of regular people. Maca is a root that grows in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This root has been a food source for hundreds of years. A large number of people use it today for its medicinal purposes. It is a supplement. Maca root is full of nutritionally rich substances. This makes it an incredible choice for contributing a healthy balance to your diet. Maca root contains vitamins and minerals that help to maintain the healthiness of the body. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron are in Maca root. It contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, C, and E. Every one of these nutritional agents are important for your body’s functions. Acai, Maca, and green superfoods provide a strong serving of healthy nutritio.


  • 11 flavors
  • 12 sizes
  • No safety concerns among healthy people despite wide use


  • Increases Energy:

Maca maintains to be an energy booster since the discovery of it by the Spanish explorers.

  • Boosts athletes endurance and stamina:

The use of Maca produces muscles. Athletes choose Maca root powder as a source of protein. Studies show that Maca improves stamina in distance running.

  • Regulates hormone balance:

Maca contains a variety of amino acids. They are the building blocks of your hormones. Modern research shows that consuming Maca regularly may balance hormones for men and women. Maca does not contain hormones. Maca serving as building blocks that create them in your body. Hormones affect our overall health.

  • Reduces Depression:

Maca works to improve your emotional mood. This is a result of the dense nutrition of the root.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety:

Studies show that Maca’s positive effects on mood lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety. It contains relaxing properties.

  • Strengths teeth and bones:

A recent study using mice shows that Maca improves both osteoperosis and osteoarthritis conditions.

  • Improved Circulation:

Maca is believed to improve circulation throughout the body. This reduces anemia. Also, it improves wound healing.

  • Increases Mental Focus:

Maca's energizing effects help to support the ability to focus. This increases mental clarity.

  • Strengthens Teeth and Bone:

Maca is linked to improving bone density.

  • Disadvantages:
  • People that take blood pressure need to regularly monitor their blood pressure.
  • Patients with thyroid conditions should avoid Maca. The combination of Maca and a low iodine diet can cause goiter.

3. Amazing Grass Green Superfood Energy Watermelon

Grass Green Superfood Energy is full of nature's nourishing nutrients. It serves as a cleanser. The superfoods are at a potent level. The alkalizing greens help keep your pH level in balance. A serving is rich with antioxidant-rich fruits. The herbs in this superfood offer support to increase the healthiness of this product. All ingredients are certified as organic. It is a vegan product. The gluten free property does not upset sensitive digestive systems. A gluten allergy is to the grain. This product contains the grass and not the grain. The grass does not contain gluten. All ingredients are non GMO. It is classified as a Kosher product. Raw means that the ingredients are never cooked, steamed, or heated. A boost of energy with about 85 mg of pure, plant-based caffeine comes from Yerba Extract and Matcha tea. Yerba tea is a South American product. It is a source of energy. Brazil uses the extract to treat long term fatigue. Matcha tea means tea powders. The whole leaf is used. Its properties are 10 times stronger than green tea. Grass Green Energy contains the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Some users of this product question the use of silica as an ingredient. Their concern is that silica is a toxin. The U.S. National Library of Medicine provides some interesting information about silica.There is a considerable amount of interest in the effects of silica. It has many uses as a food additive. It is in medications and vitamins. This element is in our bones, tendons, aorta, liver and kidneys. Data suggests that silica is essential for health. A deficiency causes deformities in the skull and bones. Inadequate amounts of silica cause mineral imbalances in the femur and vertebrae. Other problems are poorly formed joints, less cartilage and collagen. A few rodent studies indicate No Observed Adverse Effects Level.



  • Variety of flavors. It has 10 more flavors beside watermelon.
  • Comes in a dozen different sizes.
  • Recipes are on the company's website.


  • Blends well with other ingredients. People, who do not like the taste, add bananas and yogurt. They say that this disguises the vegetable taste.
  • Reduces sugar cravings:

Eating foods with sugars causes sugar cravings. Using Grass Green Energy eliminates sugar. This causes sugar cravings to disappear.

  • Supports good health:

The blend of powerful ingredients helps to strengthen immunity. You get additional vitamins and minerals to meet nutritional guidelines.

  • Helps with digestion:

Uses enzymes and probiotics to aid the digestive process. Also, these ingredients help to rid your body of toxins.

  • Provides natural energy:

All of the increase in energy does not come from caffeine. The caffeine that is added is for an extra boost. You may need an extra boost when you wake up. The natural energy comes from the use of superfoods. Superfoods detox your body. It does not give you a jittery feeling. Also, it helps you transition away from coffee. Coffee has some harsh effects on the digestive system.

  • Disadvantages:
  • Contains caffeine. If you are caffeine sensitive, you may wish to try another product.
  • Misunderstanding of the use of silica.


Orgain Organic Protein

According to WebMD, protein benefits the human body. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. Protein is essential for your body to be able to make enzymes and other body chemicals. Protein is the important building block for your bones, muscles and blood. It is important to eat the proper amount. Also, your body needs the right kind of protein to get maximum health benefits. Some people have diet restrictions that make it difficult to get all of the benefits of protein. Protein drinks help solve this problem.

Orgain Organic Protein is made by Dr. Andrew Abraham. After the diagnosis of cancer, he starts trying to live healthier. He is unable to find healthy protein shakes. He finds non-organic products. They are full of artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, genetically-modified soy, hormones, antibiotics, and other low-quality fillers. Dr. Abraham wants better protein products. He creates the Orgain company. Orgain takes a different approach. Its goal is to make the world’s best organic plant-based protein powder. The organic proteins come from brown rice, chia, hemp, and pea protein. His powders contain 21 grams of USDA certified organic plants. Orgain's Organic Protein powder contains different qualities than other protein powders. It claims to be "the smoothest and most delicious protein powder ever made". Other protein powders clump together and taste gritty. There is no sugar added to Orgain Organic Protein Powder. The source of the protein is the Sweet Vanilla Bean.



  • 20 servings.
  • Made from a totally vegan formula.
  • An affordable price.


  • Helps provide a healthy diet:

It does not have unhealthy fillers. It is Kosher and non-GMO. Plenty of vitamins are in the product. There are 5 grams of fiber in the formula.

  • Keeps your body strong and healthy:

The formula contains high levels of iron, calcium, and protein.

  • For people on-the-go:

The protein drink or smoothie is suitable for "grab and go" nutrition. Students, mothers, athletes, and workers are able to quickly get valuable nutrients.

  • Reduces inflammation:

The formula is soy, gluten, and dairy free. It does not have ingredients that cause inflammation. The powders are "clean". It does not use unnecessary ingredients.

  • Good for weight loss:

Its calorie count is 150 and 3 grams of carbs. There are several instances where protein shakes or drinks work successfully.

  • Disadvantages:
  • You have to use 2 scoops. This takes a little longer to prepare. Customers state that they wish the scoop was larger.
  • One container does not last a month.

How to Choose the Best Green Superfood Powder

Green drink powders and superfood drink powders are increasingly gaining in popularity. There are more and more products for us to choose. Many people are experiencing confusion by trying to decide which green supplement to buy. It is overwhelming. Following are some ideas for helping you.

  • I. Check the ingredients

Most green drink formulas follow a general pattern. Green superfoods are the base. Expect to see the names of green vegetables such as kale, spinach, and collards. Most powders contain enzymes and probiotics. Some green drink powders contain some antioxidants and herbs. Meal replacement drinks need to contain protein. Usually powders that contain more ingredients cost more.

  • Read the label.
  • Look for green superfoods.
  • Enzymes, antioxidants, herbs, and probiotics should be in the list.
  • Analyze the percentages of ingredients.
  • Read the benefits of the nutrients.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners and artificial favors.
  • II. Be knowledgeable about greens

A quality product uses a variety from each category of greens. The greens category is divided into three groups. Grasses such as barley grass, wheat grass, and alfalfa compose one group. Another category is Sea Vegetables and Algae. Most people are familiar with the Green Vegetables group. Spinach, broccoli, and even carrots are in this group. The potencies of the greens are very important. You want to be taking a greens powder with multiple grams of greens. Lower-end products might have 3-4 total grams of greens per serving. Mid-range products contain 5-7 grams of greens. The higher-end products have over 10 grams of greens per serving. Greens supplements have the nickname of "Vegetable Powerhouses". One suggestion is that consuming greens are a good way to optimize pH. A study from the "Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition" discovered that two weeks of daily supplements using greens led to improvements in urinary pH. The greens supplements moves subjects from an acidic pH to an optimal level. The results from this pilot study suggest that a daily greens supplement may improve an acid-base pH level.

  • There are three categories of greens.
  • Carrots are classified as green superfoods.
  • Green powders have a range of potencies.
  • III. Read reviews before shopping

This is tricky. Sites like Amazon have hundreds of reviews. Some reviews are glowing. Others are not. Look closely at the negative reviews. Do some analyzing. Look for patterns in the responses. 10 people may write negative reviews. See if they have the same complaint. This is a red flag. You probably need to consider another option.

  • Keep an open mind.
  • Do an Internet search on reviews about green powder supplements.
  • IV. Consider the processing of the greens

You need to be aware of how the greens are manufactured. Different processing procedures have an effect on the quality of the vitamins and minerals. Some processing procedures weaken the quality of the product. Vegetable powders are made from whole vegetables that are frozen. Then, they are turned into powders. Some products are made from juice extracts. The vegetables are juiced. Next, they are frozen. Then, the juice is powderized.

  • Juice extracts have more nutrition than vegetable powders.
  • The nutrients in plants are usually contained in the juice.
  • Green powders made with juice extracts are more expensive and harder to find.
  • V. Look for a greens powder that is a complete supplement

A complete supplement has all of the areas of nutrition that you need to be supplementing everyday. Quality green drink products have probiotics, enzymes, and anti-oxidants. In in addition, a quality powder contains fiber and protein.

  • Focus on the variety and potencies of the greens.
  • Check to see that the powders contain probiotics and enzymes.
  • Main focus needs to be on the green superfoods.
  • VI. Other Considerations
  • Taste
  • Add ingredients to make the taste better. There are many recipes online for making green drink products tasty and remain healthy.
  • High quality products use a potent blend of grasses, dark leafy vegetables, algae, and sea vegetables. This produces a strong, earthy taste.
  • Value
  • Do not assume that if it costs more it is better.
  • You need to consider what benefits you are expecting.
  • Do additional research before making a decision.
  • Texture
  • Look for powders that dissolve and mix easily. This gives your drink a smoother feel.
  • Products with lecithin tend to be smoother.
  • Use only "clean" products
  • Read the label to see that the product is free of contaminates like mercury and PCP.
  • Look for powders made from organic fruits and vegetables. Organic products are free of pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals are harmful. Using inorganic products does not help you have more energy or detox.
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Coconut Water suppresses the appetite.
  • Makes you feel full because of its richness.
  • Contains very little fat.
  • Unusual ingredients help common health problems
  • Wheatgrass can be used inside and outside the body as a natural healer.
  • Ashwaghanda is a mood enhancing herb. It is important in fighting mood imbalance.
  • Final Verdict

There is definitely a connection among all of these products. They all promote a healthy diet with an emphasis on getting your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. At first, it appears that they are all the same. They do have a general basic format of using superfoods. More analysis shows that these green juices have their own special ingredients to meet specific needs.

Organifi makes its own line of award winning green juice formulas. A one juice starter company now produces a line of product. More supplements appear in different powders in the line of juices. These additional supplements meet various needs.

Some green juices emphasize body building. I recommend Amazing Green Grass Superfood ORAC and Green Juice Supplements for muscle building and strength.

Many people use green juices for weight loss. I suggest that you try Orgain Organic Protein or Super Green Juice-USDA Organic Superfood Powder Supplement.

Detox is a popular word now. Almost all green juice powders list this as a benefit.

I think that it is a good idea for you to browse the green juice products on Here you are able to read customer reviews and ratings. Also, you see other supplements that are paired together. They do this so that you are 100% sure to get the products you need .

The ease of use and portability of superfood powders make them an excellent option for people who travel a lot. Using greens powders provide a way for people to get their daily amount of fruit and vegetable servings.